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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Some fo these scripts have been authored by me and some by other developers. These are provided for free, Use based on your due diligence and are offered as is without any support from me. Please check this blog often as I intend to add other scripts I find useful.

This script adds a label on the chart and states how much has the stock corrected from the 52 week high. It plots two lines that by default gives you correction levels at 10% and 20%. Both of these are configurable in the gear. Auto Fib Retracement Sector Performance List Automatically Draws Support and Resistance This adds a column to the watchlist and displays when next earnings are This displays the VWAP on top bar and the actual plot (without displaying the upper and lower band) chart study Stochastic Full with BreakOuts This lower level study gives you the IV value and IV Rank. This compares the IV rank to last 252 days. Since IV is mean reverting you can gauge whether to buy or sell options - Courtesy,2258 More Free Scripts Stocks trading inside week Stocks trading inside day Outside day down Outside day up Color coded bars for inside day, inside day out, outside day up, outside day down etc. This is also referred to as MSBTest in some videos. Apologies for the confusion.

Question : What is the significance of Colors in the Candlestick chars Answer: Violet - Inside Bar, Yellow - Inside Bar broken to upside (bullish), Plum: Inside Bar broken to downside (Bearish), White: Two Lower Lows and then high of last bar is taken out (bullish), Magenta: Two higher highs and then low of last bar is taken out (Bearish), Light Orange(hollow bar), Outside day bullish, Light Orange Solid- Outside day Bearish. . Shared Fractal (automatically draws support/resistance)

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My apologies for overlooking this, here's the link

Me gusta

Hello, I cannot seem to get Mandeep's "msbtest" pattern to work on TOS. I have copied exactly, his ThinkScript onto the Scan page but it comes up totally empty, no charts found. Can anyone help me with this, it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. Greg

PS: Mandeep states it is on his Blog for a download but I could not find it.

Me gusta
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