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How to Identify Best Day Trading Stocks using Sector Performance

Back in May of last year we wrote a script that identified the best performing sectors (Link). In this version we've made improvements to this study. We have now two studies:

  1. Top Label that gives the Best and Worst Performing Sectors:

  2. Bottom Study that stack ranks all the 11 S&P Sectors :

The differences and new features are covered in the following Video

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Sydney Griffin
Sydney Griffin
May 28, 2023

I think I did something wrong, I only see 10 Sectors, in the bottom study? Real-Estate Sector I think was this left out for a reason?


Unknown member
May 28, 2023

I was wrong it seems after watching your video for the first time, you are actually trying to help the community, I was a little in shock at the price for the UTS and thought you were just another scammer...honestly I thought how could someone who wants to help the community slap us in the face with this price? so I questioned you and you came at me sideways? I subscribed to your channel and looking to start following you in the discord room but I'm not on the server yet, do I need to pay for VIP or can you send me the Discord server? I have the new studies in TOS Its late I was at work earlier…

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